Freitag, 20. September 2019

Carlotta & Whitney upgraded & Event Exclusives

Hi fans, today we upgraded Carlotta and Whitney. Improved texturing and much lower complexity now. If you bought these styles before, touch the redeliver terminal or respective vendor to have the upgrades "redelivered" to you for free upgrades. If you don't have those yet, come check out the free colors in the mainstore:

We also participate in the Dazzle Autumn Event with 2 styles textured with our new exclusive autumn Colors.(oh and pssst.. Thisbe Autumn Colors is a gift at the event!)
 Only until 25th September, only here:

In addition we are proud to participate the S.O.S. event which is raising funds for Doctors without Borders. We offer the brand new exclusive style Narja there in 2 new exclusive color sets, Variety Roots and Autumn Colors. We also offer Filippa and Invincible there in the new Autumn Colors set.
The event runs until 29th September, so stop by and enjoy shopping for the good cause:

Freitag, 13. September 2019

New today: Alectrona & Rafaela Updo hairstyles

Hi fans, today 2 new updo styles. One mesh with colorable lights and nice low complexity, the other half updo with mesh and flexi. Some free colors too. Come enjoy:

Outfit credits: MESH Golden Shimmer Dress, Jewellery and Boots by Moonstar
& MESH Nova Gown, Jewellery and Sandals by Moonstar

Freitag, 6. September 2019

New in the mainstore: Achelois & Chronos Hairstyles

Hi ladies and gentlemen, Achelois is a long curly rigged mesh style for the ladies, and Chronos a sexy mid length mens hairstyle.
Both are available in 2 color sets, and a few free colors for you to enjoy.
Come see them here:

Freitag, 23. August 2019

Upgraded: Luthian & Maja Hairstyles, Hair Fair New Styles exclusives!

Hi ladies and gentlemen, plenty of newness this week!
First of all the new/upgraded styles this week in the mainstore:

Your ride to the mainstore:

Our hair fair new exclusive styles with new exclusive textures can be found on this sim until 1st September:

Freitag, 9. August 2019

New today: Cobweb Faerie & Jupiter hairstyles

Hi fans, this week we have for you one long extravagant, one intricate nest updo with colorable/show/hide jewelry. Come see the fresh hairstyles and enjoy the free colors:
Outfit credits for the Cobweb Faerie Outfit: Moonstar

Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019

New/upgraded this week: Owen & Carissa hairstyles!

One new/upgraded for the ladies, one for the gentlemen!
Improved texturing, much lower complexity!
As usual, if you bought these before, touch the redeliver terminal to get the upgrades resent free. If not, come try them out with the free colors:

Credits: The Owen model outfit is from Emerald Couture

Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

New/Upgraded today: Bahati & Pinka Hairstyles

Hi fans, now with improved texturing, lower display weight, and omega appliers for the hairbases! As usual, if you bought these before, touch the redeliver terminal to get the upgrades resent free. If not, come try them out with the free colors:

MESH Glitzy Set, Boots and Bangles by Moonstar

Freitag, 12. Juli 2019

New: Gold & Silver Colors Hair Sale

Hi ladies and gentlemen, we just started a new sale in the mainstore. This time gold and silver hair colors. 99L per hairstyling package, 24 styles for men and women. Come enjoy:

Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

New/ upgraded today: Elise & Lillie Hairstyles & Treasure Hunt & Event Exclusives

Hi fans, today 2 new / upgraded styles appeared in the store, 1 exclusive new treasure hunt gift and 1 exclusive new event style. Some free colors too. And remember, if you bought any of the upgraded styles recently, touch the redeliver terminal to have the upgrades "resent" free.
Here your direct ride to the mainstore:

Our treasure hunt gift for the grid wide "Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt" until 21th July in the mainstore is this:
And our event exclusive for the Dazzle event is the Jupiter Hairstyle, which is only available until 25th July at the event location here:

One color of Jupiter is available as a gift at the event location too. Enjoy :-)

Freitag, 28. Juni 2019

Today New: Dana & Roman Hairstyles

Hi ladies and gentlemen! Today we upgraded our popular Roman and Dana hairstyles.
If you bought these recently, touch the redeliver terminal to get the new version "redelivered" free. If not, come on over enjoy something great new with low complexity, and a few free colors:

Freitag, 21. Juni 2019

Today new/upgraded: Amandine & Sonja Hairstyles

If you bought these recently, touch the redeliver terminal or the vendors and chose to have them redelivered. That way you get the upgraded hairstyles free. If you do not have them in your collection yet, there are some free colors too so come enjoy: