Freitag, 26. November 2021

Cyber Weekend Sale!

 Hi fans, we have a big hair sale going on in the mainstore.

Every hairstyle , gift cards, affiliate kits, 50% cash back discount!

When: 26th - 29th November.

How does it work? Simply buy something and receive 50% back automatically.

Your ride to the mainstore: 

More items on sale with 30 merchant booths, everything discounted at the Cyber Weekend Sale Event here:


Samstag, 30. Oktober 2021

Elements Hairstyle Upgrade & last 2 days Halloween Events!

 Hi fans, the long awaited Elements upgrade is here! This is a unisex punk style, so this can be very well used for a partner look at Halloween. :-)

Now available in the mainstore on the Action Wall, so don't forget to put on your Alli&Ali group tag before buying to get the 50% discount refunded:


Also, check the store news for all the cool Halloween Events currently going on where we participate.

One of them even offers 15 costume hairstyling gifts,and more than 40 other gifts, that is our Spooktakulum event, and can be found here: 

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2021

Facebook Hairstyling Gift Card Giveaway Event 22nd - 25th Oct. 2021


Hi fans, this week we have 4 new gifts for you with the new Mixed Roots color set and a giveaway of 250L$ value hairstyling gift cards for comments on what you think of the new color set under our facebook post here:
Rules: just post what springs to your mind about the new color set, and your avatar name, so we know who to reward with the gift card. 
How you can try out the new color set to get an idea about it:
Aberdeen and Amaltheia are newsletter subscriber gifts in the main store here:
Daria and Beth are gifts (no group or subscription required) in our event booths at the Spooktakulum shopping and treasure hunt event around our Long Beach main store here:


Samstag, 16. Oktober 2021

New Hairstyles, Gifts, Sale @ Alli&Ali Designs!

Hi fans, this week one cute new style for the ladies in our mainstore, and in the group gift box a special new mixed roots color set. I am curious how you will like it. While you are here, enjoy the Halloween Sale and treasure hunt:


Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2021

Halloween Hairstyles Sale!

 Hi fans, we started a little Halloween Sale in our mainstore.

24 hairstyles 50% discounted, in spooky and vampire colors.

Come enjoy:

 PS: check out the Halloween Costume Hairstyles Gallery for the pics and marketplace links to the sale hairstyles. ;-)

Samstag, 25. September 2021

New , Upgraded and Exclusive Hairstyles and Gifts

Hi fans, today one new/upgraded style with grey streaks option,
new gifts, and don't forget to check out our current event exclusives and gifts. For some, it's the last day today!

Samstag, 11. September 2021

Back To School Hair Sale @ Alli&Ali!

Hi fans, today the Back To School hair sale started in the Alli&Ali mainstores.
Find the right hairstyle for your student or teacher avatar :-)
50% off select hairstyles in variety and ombre color packs.
Come enjoy:


Samstag, 4. September 2021

New Hairstyling Gifts, Exclusives, 15th Rez Day Invitation!

Hi fans, this week a new treasure hunt and event started. Our gifts in the main store you see in the pictures. The Renaissance and Faire and hunt runs from 4th through 26th September.
Mainstore link where we have the hunt gifts: 
The event is here, with more gifts and great themed items:  
We also celebrate Allison's 15th rez day Sunday 11 AM with an hour of 60s/70s music , we hope you all join in with your 60s/70s costumes. Let's see if we can crash the sim. ;-)


Sonntag, 29. August 2021

3 event exclusive Autumn hair color packages and a gift


Hi fans, today I'd like to inform you about 3 exclusive Autumn hair color packages and a gift anniversary party hat, only available @ Autumn Smiles event until 25th September here:
more information about this regular shopping event can be found here:

Samstag, 7. August 2021

New: Miranda Bangs with tons of styling options!

 Hi fans, on famous demand, we now sell the Miranda bangs separately from the Miranda Hairstyle.

With 232 total colors and 36 styling options in total. 6 separate parts can be toggled by clicking the style menu buttons. The pieces are also modifiable in edit mode. Some free colors available too, and since this style fits well with for example our Timeless style, they are both on the Action Wall this week, so don't forget to wear your Alli&Ali group title before buying them to get the 50% discount refunded :-)

Come enjoy:


Samstag, 26. Juni 2021

Alli&Ali Designs @ SLB18 Shop & Hop Event!


 Hi fans, 

this year we are in the SLB18 Shop & Hop event and everything in the event store is 20% reduced in price, even gift cards. There is also one free gift card in the present box on the desk there.

Make sure to visit the event soonish, it already ends 6th July!

More info about the event:

Direct shop slurl:


Samstag, 19. Juni 2021

Hair Fair 2021 Exclusives

 Hi fans, we are happy to participate in this year's Hair Fair again.

There are 3 new styles in our event booth, and 50% of all income from these is donated directly to Wigs for Kids. So you can shop and do a good deed, in one go. What better excuse is there to thoroughly enjoy a shopping spree :-)

Make sure to visit the event soonish, it already ends 4th July!

More info about the event:

Direct booth slurl:

Our hairstyles, available in Variety, Unicorn and Ombre colors:


Sonntag, 9. Mai 2021

Happy Mother's Day Treasure Hunt & Event Exclusive Hairstyles!

 Hi fans, and happy mothers day!
We have set up our fun flower treasure hunt again in the mainstore to celebrate this special occasion, with an exclusive resizable gift hairstyle to enable mothers and daughters to wear it, with any head brand there is :)
Also new and exclusive event special styles available in the event around our mainstore. Come have fun:

 More event pictures here:


Samstag, 17. April 2021

Spring Spectaculum around Long Beach mainstore now open!


Hi fans, the Spring Spectaculum shopping and treasure hunt event around our Long Beach Mainstore is open!
We participate with several exclusive hairstyling packages and lots of gifts in t he treasure hunt. There is plenty to see and do, so come enjoy this fun mixture of Spring, steam punk, circus and carnival:
See full picture gallery and event info on:



Freitag, 2. April 2021

Easter Specials & New Group Gifts @ Alli&Ali Designs!

 Hi fans, we got the fun stuff going on this week!
New group and suscriber gifts, flash mob vendors, and a big easter egg hunt indoors and outdoors, Come enjoy:

Credits: Female outfit is a mixture of the "beautiful easter" and "Awesome easter and spring outfit" by S&b Fashion, and can be found in the Easter in Wonderland until 7th April here:

 The  male shirt is the "Easter Gamer 19 Tank Top" by REDANGEL Designs, can also be found in the Easter in Wonderland until 7th April here:


Freitag, 26. März 2021

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt started!

 Hi fans, Alli&Ali Designs started a big Easter treasure hunt with lots of colorful hairstyling packages to win. Move close to the little baskets , then touch them and watch hovertext if it accepted your touch and delivers your gift. (if laggy, keep trying until you see the text with your name).

Blue ribbons are on the baskets with male hairstyles, pink ones on those for women.

(just helping to prevent inventory clutter ;-))

Come enjoy:


Samstag, 13. März 2021

New Event Exclusives, St. Patrick's Market & Treasure Hunt

 Hi fans, for some last minute St Patrick's Day shopping and treasure hunting fun, check out the store news this week. 

We joined the Frisky Friday Sale list again which is a week long 99 L sale list.

There is this big Trivia treasure hunt going on with 50 Rainbow Colors Hair Fatpacks as prizes,

(click the poster in the store for rules and how it works)

The St Patrick's Market with even more great gifts, here:

Full gallery for window shopping available here:
 and inworld here:

There are also some new event exclusive styles and 2 treasure hunts going on. Come enjoy:

 Last but not least, the Bundles Spring Confetti Showers event started today,


and we offer 2 exclusive party hair color packages in this event, only here: 

Happy weekend! :-)


Samstag, 20. Februar 2021

New Event Exclusives & Gifts by Alli&Ali Designs


 Hi fans, today a few new hairstyling gifts in the Spring Trends Event outside our main store, in brand new colors, and also exclusive color sets at the Garden of Hope in support of RFL only until 6th March only here: 
Also, the Love & Camouflage sale is still going on in the main store so come enjoy it while it lasts:


Samstag, 16. Januar 2021

New Hairstyling Gifts & Sale items @ Alli&Ali!


Hi fans, today new exclusive group gifts and subscriber gifts. Come enjoy:
PS: The JJ Variety Roots Colors package is on 50 L Sale, and while you are here, dare to try something new with our surprise hair sale packages! ;-)