Freitag, 22. Oktober 2021

Facebook Hairstyling Gift Card Giveaway Event 22nd - 25th Oct. 2021


Hi fans, this week we have 4 new gifts for you with the new Mixed Roots color set and a giveaway of 250L$ value hairstyling gift cards for comments on what you think of the new color set under our facebook post here:
Rules: just post what springs to your mind about the new color set, and your avatar name, so we know who to reward with the gift card. 
How you can try out the new color set to get an idea about it:
Aberdeen and Amaltheia are newsletter subscriber gifts in the main store here:
Daria and Beth are gifts (no group or subscription required) in our event booths at the Spooktakulum shopping and treasure hunt event around our Long Beach main store here:


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