Freitag, 10. Mai 2019

Today new/upgraded: Yvgenia & Vivianne Hairstyles

Hi fans, today we offer upgrades to our popular Vivianne and Yvgenia styles. Both with improved texturing and much lower display weight. If you bought these recently, just touch the vendor and chose "redeliver", to receive the upgrade for free. If not... come enjoy these fabulous hairstyles at their best, and some free colors:

Outfit credits: The gown in the Vivianne Hair picture is the Corsen Gown by Moonstar.
The box includes system and mesh avatar options of the gown and shoes.

The gown in the Yvgenia Hair pic is the Nova gown and comes with shoes and jewelry, and there are meshes in several system avatar and mesh avatar sizes.

Both can be found @ the Moonstar store here:

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