Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

New/ upgraded today: Elise & Lillie Hairstyles & Treasure Hunt & Event Exclusives

Hi fans, today 2 new / upgraded styles appeared in the store, 1 exclusive new treasure hunt gift and 1 exclusive new event style. Some free colors too. And remember, if you bought any of the upgraded styles recently, touch the redeliver terminal to have the upgrades "resent" free.
Here your direct ride to the mainstore:

Our treasure hunt gift for the grid wide "Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt" until 21th July in the mainstore is this:
And our event exclusive for the Dazzle event is the Jupiter Hairstyle, which is only available until 25th July at the event location here:

One color of Jupiter is available as a gift at the event location too. Enjoy :-)

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